Highest century in cricket? (2023)

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Who has reached the highest century in cricket?

In the history of cricket, onlySachin TendulkarAccumulated 100 centuries. With 71 centuries, Indian cricketer Virat Kohli ranks second and Australian cricketer Ricky Ponting ranks third overall for most centuries scored.

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Can Kohli score 100 centuries?

While Kohli scored his 46th ODI century on Sunday, the Indian batsman is three years short of Sachin Tendulkar's record 49 ODI centuries and currently has 74 international centuries in his career.Gavaskar believes that Kohli can reach another 26 centuries and reach the 100 hundred mark in the next 5-6 years.

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Who did 1 run in 100 balls?

Raul Dravid1 run of 100 balls ।। THE CRICK TUBE. If playback doesn't start soon, try restarting your device.

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Who is the greatest century in T20?

chris gayleHe scored the most centuries in his T20 career. He scored 22 centuries playing international and franchise cricket. Gayle played in 463 games and made 14,562 runs with a top score of 175*.

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Who is the best captain in the world?

Undoubtedly,MS Dhoniis the best captain in the world in the world of cricket. To date, he has 178 wins in over 332 games across all formats.

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Sachin Tendulkarhe is considered the king of the century in international cricket. He scored 100 centuries in international cricket.

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Who is the world's No. 1 batsman in cricket history?

In the world of cricket there is only one god of cricket and that isSachin Tendulkar.

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Can Virat break Sachin's record?

Virat Kohli will almost certainly break Sachin Tendulkar's record for most centuries in ODI cricket.. He only needs five tons to surpass Sachin. However, you won't be able to beat your race record.

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Who scored 30,000 runs in cricket?

Sachin Tendulkarhe became the first man to complete 30,000 international runs on the last day of the first India-Sri Lanka test in Ahmedabad. He was the 44th over for the day and Tendulkar clipped a delivery from Chanaka Welegedara to Deep Square Leg for a single.

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Who ran 77 runs?

Bowler once gave 77 runs in just one run. Rubber bootsberto vancehe conceded 77 runs in an over in a first-class match against Canterbury on 20 February 1990. Canterbury needed 95 to win in two overs and to encourage them to go behind goal and take wickets, Vance bowled a 22, including 17 no-balls.

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Who hit 6 runs off 6 balls?

Herschelle Gibbsvs. Netherlands – ODI World Cup 2007

Former South African batsman Herschelle Gibbs is the first player to reach these records of 6 balls and 6 sixes in international cricket. A drag, Gibbs managed this feat against the Netherlands during the 2007 ODI World Cup.

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Who scored 50 runs in 6 balls?

Indian Yuvraj Singh (in 2007) and West Indies Kieron Pollard (in 2021) hold the record for hitting 6 sixes from 6 balls in the T20 international match.
Fastest 50 in T20 International - Top 10 players list.
PlayerHave hope
Balls taken to score 50sixteen
ContraWest Indies
9 more columns
January 31, 2023

Highest century in cricket? (2023)
Who is the fastest century in the world?

In one day international cricket (ODI), the fastest century belongs to the South African batsman.AB de Villiers. De Villiers' century came in just 31 balls against the West Indies in the second ODI in Johannesburg on 18 January 2015. De Villiers' hundred included 8 fours and 16 sixes.

Who is better Kohli or Dhoni?

Virat Kohli has surpassed Dhoniin Dhoni vs. Kohli captains record win % for Team India. On 15 January 2022, Kohli announced he was stepping down as Test captain for Team India.

Who is the second god of cricket?

Some unique records makingRohit Sharmathe second god of cricket. Rohit Sharma is the only player to have scored a double century more than once (3) in ODIs. He also scored the most T20I centuries (4).

Who scored the fastest 100 points against India?

Fastest century for India in T20I
swollen branquia54New Zealand
Deepak Hooda55Ireland
Rohit Sharma56England
Rohit Sharma58West Indies
7 more lines
February 1, 2023

Who is Duck King in cricket?

Former Sri Lankan cricketersMuttiah Muralitharanand Lasith Malinga have the most Golden Ducks in Tests and One-Day Internationals (ODIs) respectively. While Muralitharan has recorded 14 golden ducks in Test cricket, Malinga has amassed 13 golden ducks in ODIs.

Who is the tallest man in cricket?

1.Sachin Tendulkar. A batsman that spanned two generations, Sachin Tendulkar is a living icon and is considered the best batsman in any format.

Who is number one in the whole world?

Ranking masculino ODI All-Rounder
Pos.PlayerBest race rating
1 (0)Shakib Al Hasan453 vs. Zimbabwe, 05/11/2009
2 (0)muhammad the prophet349 against Zimbabwe, 2/26/2017
3 (0)Mehdi Hasan295 in India, 07/12/2022
4 (0)Rashid Kan359 vs. Pakistan, 09/21/2018
16 more lines

Who is the fastest pitcher in the world?

The fastest ball in cricket history: from Shoaib Akhtar to Mitchell Starc
Bowlerfaster deliveryTierra
jeffrey thomson160.6 km/hAustralia
mitchell starc160.4 km/hAustralia
andy roberts159.5 km/hWest Indies
fidel edwards157.7 km/hWest Indies
6 more rows
February 17, 2023

What is Sachin's weakness?

"I felt in my career that Sachin had a little soft spot against itout of the row. He hits with the leg twist, but he kind of struggled because I got him out so many times.

How many times did Sachin get 99?

Sachin Tendulkar —3 times

Sachin Tendulkar was sacked three times in six months in 2007 aged 99, all in ODI cricket. He arrived first in Belfast against South Africa, then in Bristol against England and last, fastest in the group, in Mohali against Pakistan.

Can you score 7 runs in cricket?

Alongside Will Young from New ZealandThere have been some well-known instances of a batsman scoring seven runs with a ball in Test cricket.. The first such instances can be traced back to 1976 at Headingley, where the England wicket-keeper batsman Alan Knott received seven runs from a delivery by Vanburn Holder of the West Indies.

Who has reached 500 runs in a game?

a 13 year old boyyash chawdehe became the first Indian player to score over 500 runs in a limited overs game at any level.

Who hit the first six sixes in an over?

Meanwhile, in international cricket,Herschelle Gibbs, Yuvraj Singh, Kieron Pollard and Jaskaran Malhotra are the only players to hit six sixes in one over.

Who hit 6 sixes in an over in India?

Ravi Shastri joins the elite club

It was 17 years before another cricketer repeated Sobers' feat of hitting six sixes in an over and it was none other than India's Ravi Shastri.

What is the highest score in 1 over?

In Test cricket, surprisingly, it is Indian pace bowler Jasprit Bumrah who tops the charts by scoring the most runs in a Test match. he was crushed35 racesin a single over by Stuart Broad in the 2022 Birmingham Test.

Who hit 7 sixes in an over?

batsman from IndiaRuturaj Gaikwadset a massive List-A-Cricket record by hitting 7 sixes in an over. Gaikwad did the same in the quarterfinals of the Vijay Hazare Trophy on Monday.

Who hit 8 sixes in an over?

Something similar happened at the Northern Suburban Community Cricket Association meeting. In a game between Sorrento Duncraig Senior Club and Kingsley-Woodvale Senior Club, the Australian batsmanSam Harrisonhe accomplished an incredible feat when he smashed eight sixes in an over.

Who hit the six at the York Ball?

There was a time when almost no player could play a York ball. Butdhonihe made it such an easy task and scored six points off York's deliveries throughout his career.

Who scored 12 runs per ball?

The equation eventually came down to 12 of 1 ball and the day's top bowler, Graeme Aldridge, with numbers of 2.5-0-7-2, threw a waist-deep full bowl.

Who scored 149 runs from 44 balls?

Cric Tracker -AB de Villiersscored 149 runs in 44 balls against the West Indies at a batting average of 338.63 | Facebook.

Who hit a six on the fastest ball?

Schoaib Achtar- 161.3 km/h (100.2 mph) | Pakistan v England, 2003. Shoaib Akhtar, nicknamed Rawalpindi Express, bowled the fastest pitch in cricket - 100.2 mph (161.3 km/h) - in a One-Day International (ODI) match against England during the Cup Cricket World Cup 2003 in Cape Town, South Africa.

Who has hit the longest six in cricket history?

The longest six in cricket history has been hit by an English cricketer.alberto trotrecorded during a Test match against Australia in 1899 at Lord's when he smashed Monty Noble with a six that went nearly 120-125 yards.

Who has the slowest Test century?

Note: The slowest hundred for any Test in England is 458 minutes (329 balls) perFletcher KWR, England v Pakistan, The Oval, 1974. The slowest two hundred in a Test was scored by DSBP Kuruppu in 777 minutes (548 balls) for Sri Lanka v New Zealand in Colombo (CCC), 1986-87, on his debut.

Who is the fastest hitter in the world?

14931AB de Villiers
131*36anderson cj
10237Shahid Afridi
147*44MV Boucher
54 more lines

Who is the best hitter in the world?

Men's ODI Batting Rankings
Pos.playerBest race rating
1 (0)Bábar Azam898 vs. West Indies, 06/10/2022
2 (0)Rassie van der Dussen796 vs England, 07/19/2022
3 (0)david warner880 vs. Pakistan, 01/26/2017
4 (0)Quinton de Kock813 against Sri Lanka, 10/03/2019
45 more lines

Who is the king of T20?

Virat Kohliis the top scorer in the T20 Internationals with 4,008 runs.

Who scored 10,000 functional tests first?

In March 1987,Gavaskarbecame the first player to surpass 10,000 Test runs during a match against Pakistan. As of December 2022, fourteen players – from seven teams that are full members of the International Cricket Council (ICC) – have scored 10,000 runs in Tests.

Who scored 300 runs in one day?

don bradmanhe is the only player in international cricket history to score over 300 runs in one day, achieving the feat on 11 July 1930. Playing in his seventh Test, the Australian cricketer came out to bat after 11 balls were bowled in Ash's third test. .

Who is the fastest 100 in ODI?

AB de Villiershe holds the record for scoring the fastest century in ODI cricket, achieving the mark in just 31 balls against the West Indies in the second leg of the West Indies tour of South Africa in 2015.

Who has 70 centuries in cricket?

The captain of the Indian men's Test cricket team,Virat Kohli, has passed 70 international centuries. He has scored 27 centuries in Test cricket and 43 tons in ODIs.

Virat Kohli reached a century?

Kohli had a three-year drought until September 2022 when he scored his first T20I 100 game against Afghanistan. The century was achieved after 1,021 days of its previous hundred. Innings of 122* was once the highest by an Indian in T20I, then surpassed by Shubman Gill (126*) on February 1, 2023.

Who scored the century in the match of 98 99 and 100?

A)joe rootin Chennai he became the first batsman in Test cricket history to achieve the rare feat of scoring a century in his 98th, 99th and 100th Test match.

Who reached the triple century in cricket?

Donald Bradman (Australia), Brian Lara (Antilles), Virender Sehwag (India) and Chris Gayle (Antilles)They are the only thugs to hit 300 more than once.

Can Virat Kohli break Sachin's record?

Virat Kohli will almost certainly break Sachin Tendulkar's record for most centuries in ODI cricket.. He only needs five tons to surpass Sachin. However, you won't be able to beat your race record.

When was Kohli's last century?

Virat Kohli of the last century: In ODI, Test and T20
Formatdate of the last centuryPunctuation
ODIJanuary 10, 2023113
IPLApril 19, 2019100
T20ISeptember 8, 2022122*
Premier League IndiaApril 19, 2019100
1 more line

How many times did Sachin Tendulkar leave in 1999?

Sachin Tendulkar —three times

Sachin Tendulkar was dismissed for 99 three times in a six-month period in 2007, all in ODI cricket. First against South Africa in Belfast, then against England in Bristol and last, the fastest of all, against Pakistan in Mohali.

Who is the fastest after 70 international centuries?

Kohlinow has a combined 70 centuries in international cricket and was the fastest batsman to reach that milestone in 439 innings, followed by Sachin, who needed 505 innings to reach 70 international hundreds.

Who scored the most hundreds at age 34?

34 years

At the same ageTendulkar was 76 centuriesto his name and would score 24 more before retiring. Kohli has to score 30 more to break the record. If he succeeds, he too will break Sri Lankan Kumar Sangakkara's record of scoring 26 centuries after the age of 34.

Who is the best batsman in the world?

Men's ODI Batting Rankings
VATPlayerBest Career Evaluation
1 (0)Bábar Azam898 vs. West Indies, 06/10/2022
2 (0)Rassie van der Dussen796 vs England, 07/19/2022
3 (0)david warner880 vs. Pakistan, 01/26/2017
4 (0)Quinton de Kock813 against Sri Lanka, 03/10/2019
45 more lines

Who scored 1000 runs in a match?

Pranav Dhanawade(born 2000) is an Indian cricketer from Kalyan, Maharashtra. He batted in an innings from January 4–7, 2016 and became the first to 1,000 runs in an innings in an officially recognized game.

Who achieved the fastest century across all formats?

Gayle's unbeaten goal of 175 remains the highest single score in T20 cricket and the fastest century in all cricket formats.
The fastest century in T20I cricket.
playerDavid Mueller
equipmentSouth Africa
balls faced35
4 more columns

Who scored the fastest century in the test?

from New ZealandBrendan McCullumholds the record for the fastest Test cricket century ever - he needed just 54 balls to reach the mark in a match against Australia in Christchurch in the 2015/16 season.

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